Fashion Week + Runway + Tokyo

S/S 2020

DATE /               October 19, 2019

AUTHOR /          Dominique Desmarais

BENCH/ brought forward three rising designers from the Philippines to showcase their brands and to bring attention to Filipino talent in the fashion industry. 


The Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO (Philippines) show opened with Antonina Abad Amoncio’s creations for the ANTONINA brand.

The style of design showed strong value for structure and symmetry, combining a variety of shapes and forms to create unique silhouettes. Antonina also showed her creative scope with fabric selection, opting for an array of textures and patterns. Given her captivating choices in terms of shape and texture, Antonina stuck to ensure balance in busier garments, before diving into colour with more simplistic pieces.

Throughout Antonina’s portion of the show, she proved her talent as a designer and demonstrated her range of creative adaptability, from dark and bold to glimmering and classic. 


JACE QUIAMBAO then took the runway to bring together art and science in presenting fun yet mature streetwear pieces. 

Jace’s brand is rooted in the idea that “there is no science without fancy, and no art without facts”, creating a dynamic balance and bridging the gap between both worlds. His pieces favoured bright colours and playful shapes to capture a sense of youthfulness through design.


Following with the HANSEN brand, Rizal-based Bon Hansen Reyes took forward a genderless approach, incorporating elements from both mens’ and womenswear to create an inclusive line. 

Hansen exhibits more traditional and detail-centric techniques, featuring hand embroidery and intricate craftsmanship as the powerhouses of his brand. The unexpected use of pleats and symmetry, or asymmetry, added interesting visual appeals to Hansen's garments.


Closing off the show, BENCH/ itself presented its SS20 collection, as a leading Filipino brand both nationally and across the globe. 

With clothing, footwear and accessories each taking the stage, BENCH/ demonstrated a greater lifestyle-based approach to everyday design.

The collection featured several bright patterns and bold colours, transitioning a summer feel into a year-long mode of expression. Yellow and lime summer tones were combined with orange and khaki autumn hues to create a lively parallel between both seasons.

With the emerging talent selected by BENCH/, these collaborative Filipino brands have proven once again their designers' talents and their promise of success in the fashion industry. One can only look forward to seeing what BENCH/, ANTONINA, JACE QUIAMBAO and HANSEN  bring to the table next season.

The finale

PHOTOGRAPHY /           Dominique Desmarais

                                     Neža Bricelj

VIDEOGRAPHY /            Dominique Desmarais

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