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DATE /               October 19, 2019

AUTHOR /          Dominique Desmarais

BODYSONG lead Rakuten Fashion Week with one of the most innovative and captivating shows, creating an immersive experience to showcase its SS20 collection.

The production began with light ASMR-like soundtracks, with soft whispers and the crackling of industrial materials. A duo appeared on scene to perform an instrumental melody, complimented by the eerie sounds of ripping thermal paper. Once torn to shreds, the performers exited and the runway opened to welcome the boldness that is BODYSONG.

The collection began by integrating elements of denim in different shapes and forms, from a box-cut vest to logo-clad bootcut jeans.

BODYSONG favoured bright colours and stripes this season, with blue and red being at the top of the list.  Of course, the BODYSONG logo or classic “B” emblem was the key spotlight for several garments.

Garments were designed to fit an oversized and baggy look, being especially noticeable in tops and sweaters. BODYSONG also integrated several industrial elements such as bulky metalware and rope detailing. 

The highlight piece of the collection, featured in several styles and tones, was BODYSONG’s box-shaped vest with broad shoulders and sharp structure.

With BODYSONG holding one of the season’s most anticipated shows, the brand creative concepts and innovative design did not disappoint. BODYSONG remained in line with the elaborate edge for which the brand is known,  while adopting a futuristic tone for its SS20 collection.

The finale

PHOTOGRAPHY /           Dominique Desmarais

                                     Neža Bricelj

VIDEOGRAPHY /            Dominique Desmarais

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