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HUI F/W 2019

DATE /               February 24, 2019

AUTHOR /          Dominique Desmarais

Designer Zhao Huizhou has made her return to Milan Fashion Week with HUI’s Fall Winter 2019/2020 Chinoiserie collection, and we were able to attend the spectacular production.

Inspired by traditional Chinese arts and history, the collection showcases fine ancient silk and conventional textures, contrasting with modern and intricate design methods to bring Huizhou’s vision of Chinese honor to life. Notably, HUI began its presentation with a powerful Chinese musical performance, fostering an atmosphere of awe and intrigue across the room.

Following the performance, the runway portion began.

The collection is rooted in the traditional textile and manufacturing processes of Eastern China, and influenced by the abstract shapes and silhouettes of the Western world.

Neutral and iridescent tones prevailed, paired with colourful accessories, to contribute to an overall balanced look of drapery and elegance.

The runway often featured the two figures walking side-by-side, allowing Huizhou to communicate the importance that collaboration played in bringing together the Eastern and Western influences of Chinese fashion to create one harmonious collection.

Throughout the collection, HUI shifted gradually from showcasing traditional kimono-style garments to unique and distinct pieces, attributing to the growth and development of modern Chinese society. Huizhou introduced feathers and translucent fabrics, as well as bright sequins.

With this season’s Chinoiserie collection, HUI has pushed the boundaries of integrating tradition with modern ideals, proving that the beauty of ancient Chinese fashion is relevant in our modern, ever-changing industry nonetheless.

The final walk:

PHOTOGRAPHY /           Dominique Desmarais

VIDEOGRAPHY /            Dominique Desmarais 

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