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(I)LL IT S/S 2020

DATE /               October 20, 2019

AUTHOR /          Dominique Desmarais

Japanese native Ryoichi Kudo made his Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO debut, bringing the (I)LL IT brand to life in a dynamic runway experience. 

Launching the show with a musical performance, (I)LL IT set the tone for a dark and moody premiere. The SS20 collection then took the stage, often dawning the brand’s barb-wire crown logo throughout blacked-out looks. The influences of street style and urban cues are apparent. 

Ryoichi kept to a casual tone to create garments that are both edgy yet wearable. A distinctive barb-wire pattern was the centre of several ensembles, balanced with simple, minimalistic pieces. (I)LL IT made use of different materials and textures to create movement, which was often emphasized with layered styling. 

Typography and graphic text was also a key component of the collection, featuring affectionate phrases such as “I LOVE YOU” and “I’M YOURS”. Ryoichi’s inclusion of emotion contrasted with the brand’s dark tones to communicate that obscurity, or seemingly harsh style, does not pledge the absence of human emotion.

Throughout the show, (I)LL IT gradually integrates colour into its garments. Reds and blues both appeared, bringing a refreshing and lighter appeal to the collection. With this, (I)LL IT seemingly transitions from full darkness to human emotion, and then to coloured perspectives. 

With his unique approach to street style design, Ryoichi succeeded with his grand entrance to the Tokyo Fashion Week scene, paving the way to a promising future of growth for the (I)LL IT brand.

The structure of the garments was kept simplistic, often showcasing straight-cut dresses with long sleeves, to emphasize the intricate details of each piece.

Although TATYANA PARFIONOVA is a Russian-based brand, its style thrives in the Japanese market. Designer Parfionova’s passion for nature’s beauty shines with her artistic work, effectively creating and sharing emotion through her designs. 

The finale

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PHOTOGRAPHY /           Dominique Desmarais

VIDEOGRAPHY /            Dominique Desmarais

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