Moncler Genius F/W 2019 MFW

On February 20, Moncler Genius launched its newest and most innovative project yet, giving rising designers a voice of creative freedom to disrupt the traditional Moncler identity. The Genius project encourages designers to redesign Moncler’s classic puffer jacket in a new light to create unique and unconventional masterpieces. This year, Moncler debuted several collections to empower its designers in collaboration and inventiveness.

Moncler showcased the work of Pierpaolo Piccioli and Liya Kebede, who explored a couture approach to create puffer-material ballgowns. The pieces each featured their own bright and vibrant tones, and demonstrated the power of structure in design. Piccioli and Kebede’s innovations set an impressive and promising tone for the Moncler Genius presentation.

Richard Quinn favoured the use of floral patterns and bold colour palettes to create couture outerwear. His work was highly-detailed, pairing each garment with impressive matching footwear, accessories, and bags. Simone Rocha’s collection, on the other hand, took a more feminine approach to the puffer, featuring bonnets, cream tones, and layered ruffles.

Craig Green decided to pursue an industrial design and convenience in designing garments that could be made incredibly compact. He chose to feature pastel tones along with army-inspired colours to emphasize the parallel between the delicateness of lightweight materials and the power that they may hold.

A favourite for Moncler Genius this year is its collaboration with Poldo Dog Couture in creating puffer jackets fit for dogs in a variety of bright colours and patterns. With Poldo, Moncler brought a fun and playful twist to the world of high fashion.

Further, Moncler unveiled its debut collaboration with ALYX designer Matthew Williams, featuring bold styles of puffer jackets. The pieces were layered and paired with a selection of weatherproof footwear and accessories, including hats, sunglasses, and cross-body belted bags. ALYX’s take on the classic puffy depicted an edgy and darker approach to the puffer, contrasting drastically the couture collection brought to life by Piccioli and Liya.

With these collections, Moncler Genius has proven that the power of innovation prevails. Even with one item in mind, the creativity of each unique designer brought a refreshing twist to the puffer project, confirming that the limits of inventiveness are endless.

Photos: Dominique Desmarais

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