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DATE /               October 17, 2019

AUTHOR /          Dominique Desmarais

The TATYANA PARFIONOVA Spring/Summer 2020 show opened by shining a beam of light onto the runway, creating an angelic scene to emphasize the opening silhouette. 

The collection’s first pieces were dawned in cloud-shaped sequins and metallic fabrics, complimented by simple flowers and elements of nature. The garments demonstrated themes of earth and creation, and were often lined in iridescent details. 

Designer Tatyana Parfionova’s influences gradually became more apparent, as embroidered leaves and lily pads took centre stage. 

The collection exhibited an earthy-toned colour scheme, favouring muted blue and green hues. Subtle details such as bows often tied the pieces together without overshadowing their nature-themed elements.

Sheer white material made its debut to the collection, along with bouncy ruffles, to align with its light and airy feel. 

As the show progressed, we saw the integration of black-and-white stripes and plush velvet materials. The collection shifted to a more bold and bright approach, with pinks, purples, and yellows dominating several key pieces. 

The structure of the garments was kept simplistic, often showcasing straight-cut dresses with long sleeves, to emphasize the intricate details of each piece.

Although TATYANA PARFIONOVA is a Russian-based brand, its style thrives in the Japanese market. Designer Parfionova’s passion for nature’s beauty shines with her artistic work, effectively creating and sharing emotion through her designs. 

The finale

To watch the TATYANA PARFIONOVA Spring/Summer 2020 show, click here

PHOTOGRAPHY /           Dominique Desmarais

VIDEOGRAPHY /            Dominique Desmarais

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