Fashion Week + Milan


DATE /               February 24, 2019

AUTHOR /          Dominique Desmarais

With every Milan Fashion Week comes Versace’s esteemed show, anticipated to be the season’s most highly acclaimed collection and most exclusive event. We stopped by before the show to marvel in the atmosphere, to scope out the best-dressed attendees and to take in the captivating decor.

Stepping into a Versace show, guests are overcome with an influx of vibrant energy. Yet, the liveliness of the crowd upon arrival is an experience in and of itself. Cameras flash from all angles, as hundreds of fashion fanatics stood outside of the venue’s entrance — some clad in their own Versace pieces and other simply hoping to get a snapshot, or even a glimpse, of notable guests on their way in. Once inside, it is a completely different story.

Versace chose a widespread venue as a canvas for its loop-shaped runway, with lights lining its path and only two rows behind one another. Truly, there was not a single substandard seat in the room.

In the centre of the room, Versace placed an immense statue of its famous Medusa emblem that models would later walk through when stepping onto the runway.

Guests engaged in a half-hour of socializing and mingling. 

The guest list featured socialites, A-list celebrities and fashion industry veterans throughout, with some dripping in bold Versace and others opting for a simplistic look.

Donatella Versace herself made her rounds to greet guests and to ensure firsthand that everything was precisely in place. The pre-show atmosphere was both welcoming and warm, with attendees eager to make connections and converse with one another, no matter if they knew each other or not.

Pictured: Donatella Versace (right) and Sergio El-Azzi (left)

Once the lights fluttered and the socializing hushed, guests were personally ushered to their seats, as silence emerged across the room in anticipation of an ingenious show.

Watch the Versace F/W 2019 MFW show here.

PHOTOGRAPHY /               Dominique Desmarais

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