Fashion Week + Exhibition + Tokyo


DATE /               October 14, 2019

AUTHOR /          Dominique Desmarais

With Tokyo’s Rakuten Fashion Week around the corner, YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING launched its Summer/Spring 2020 Exhibition, showcasing a refreshing and unique approach to theme-led fashion design.

YUKIHERO held its S/S 2020 exhibition at REBLICHAL — the perfect location to contrast designer Yukihiro Teshima’s bold essence in a rustic, traditional setting. Inspired by his childhood of watching Big Japan Pro-Wrestling and longing to create “clothes that make you a hero for somebody”, Yukihiro’s vision came to life as YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING in 2012, evolving his two sources of influence into captivating garments. 

Pictured: Yukihiro Teshima (Designer, YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING)

YUKIHERO's newest exhibition took on a “Death Match” theme, integrating a wrestling mask design into several pieces, along with other key elements of Japanese Pro-Wrestling.

Notably, the wrestling mask was transformed into an unconventional handbag, showcasing an extensive and diverse colour-way. These details not only added a distinctive touch to YUKIHERO’s collection, but transformed traditional design into a dynamic and personality-fuelled experience.

The garments featured bright colours to captivate the excitement and enthusiasm that is pro-wrestling. The use of hand-drawn shapes was recurrent throughout the collection, alluding to Yukihiro’s childhood and a sense of playfulness.

Subtle personal cues could be found throughout the exhibition space itelf, keeping the atmostphere lighthearted and fun. Small pro-wrestling action figures were placed on tables and windowsills, and the inclusion of a youthful token-prize machine proved to be a hit.

Although YUKIHERO’s style of design is quite dynamic and bold, the brand introduces modernized progressions of traditional attire. A classic wrestling robe was reconstructed into a fitted, button-down navy jacket with red and royal blue accents, bringing a refreshing twist to the collection.

Honouring Japan’s pro-wrestling scene in all of its glory, YUKIHERO’s S/S 2020 Death Match Exhibition captured its designer’s passions in a charming and captivating way. YUKIHERO has proven, once again, that the harmony of combining modern design with traditional influences is boundless. 

PHOTOGRAPHY /           Dominique Desmarais 

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